Be Decisive


ATTITUDE – Authentic, Tenacious, Teachable, Imaginative, Tolerant, Uplifting, Decisive, Energizing

Make decisions and commit quickly, for your own good. Get moving. John Shin

One of the fastest ways to achieve success in any endeavor is through consistent action. No matter how small the steps, getting started requires that you be decisive and make a firm commitment, then get moving! A plan without action remains a fable regardless of how simple or elaborate your plan might be. If you have a dream but haven’t taken the first step, it’s time to determine what’s holding you back.

Though it may seem easy, making a decision and getting behind it is not always simple. I’m talking about a complex choice like starting a business or pursuing a goal, not what to get from McDonald’s while sitting in the drive-through. Numerous factors may be standing in your way—poor timing, lack of money, lack of education, lack of time in your schedule, or other priorities. Feel free to add your reasons to this list. We all have busy lives so some of your reasons may be more dramatic and urgent than others. Be aware that whatever is in the way is an excuse.

Excuse Me Johh ShinExcuse Me

The reason you are not pursuing your goal, acting on your plan, or making progress toward your dream is that your belief in your excuse is stronger than your belief in your dream. Currently, your story about why you can’t do something is more powerful, more detailed, more vivid, and more deeply entrenched in your subconscious than your goals, plans, and dreams. Go back and reread this paragraph. Let it sink in for a minute.

You’ll never get anywhere unless you tackle this now. Here’s what to do: Develop a story about your dream filled with benefits and personal value that outweigh any doubts you are having. This picture in your mind must be so vivid and incredible you cannot live without moving toward it and making it real. Utilize meditation, visualization, self-talk, and a vision board to help in this process. Any tools that reinforce the images of your success will help overcome your excuses.

Auxiliary Inputs John ShinAuxiliary Inputs

Most home and car audio systems have an auxiliary input. It’s a way to plug in an outside source of information or additional music to enhance your experience and expand your library. When it comes to making decisions, it is important to incorporate auxiliary inputs from your mastermind group of peers and mentors. Our ability to look at any situation is limited by our knowledge and experience and often contains blind spots. Input from outside sources helps eliminate these scotomas.

When we call upon our trusted friends and family to help in the decision-making process, we often pick up ways of looking at things we would never have seen on our own. Often, the consensus will affirm we are on the right track. If everyone is saying something different from what we were thinking, we may need to change course. By remaining open and honestly considering the feedback from our network, we can be decisive and move forward with informed confidence.

To recap our discussion:

  • A plan without action remains a fable regardless of how simple or elaborate it is.
  • Our reasons for inaction are most often excuses.
  • When our belief in our excuses is stronger than our belief in our dreams, we remain stuck.
  • When we see the value and benefits of pursuing our dream and have clearly developed our story, we begin to move.
  • To help be decisive, incorporate auxiliary inputs from your family, peers, and mentors.