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ATTITUDE – Authentic, Tenacious, Teachable, Imaginative, Tolerant, Uplifting, Decisive, Energizing

You’re unique, your original, and you owe it to the world. John Shin

You are authentic. You’re unique, original, and the world needs you to be your authentic self. You bring ideas and perspectives to the table. You have a unique energy, making you capable of creating opportunities and possibilities that can change lives and make the world a better place. According to Dr. Ali Binazir, a Harvard-educated MD, the odds that you are here at all are 1 in 10 to the 2,685,000 power which, he ultimately concludes, is essentially zero. In short, you are a miracle!

Recognizing your goodness is a challenge. It’s tough, at times, to be your authentic self. The human race inhabits an often harsh and critical world. Technology makes it easy for narrow-minded people to judge and condemn others in a matter of seconds. Armed with only tidbits of information, their ignorance somehow finds an audience of cohorts, who are more than willing to tear others down.

Expressing our authentic selves is shadowed by this potential for ridicule. Should you stick your neck out and share your ideas and perspectives or choose the secure, well-worn path out of fear of being shunned or attacked?

Life is complex, and we are multifaceted creatures. Our authenticity is a product of many inputs—family values, childhood experiences, playground rules, street smarts, heritage, culture, community, and society. Add genetics and biology, and you have the elements that shape who we are.

Revealing Your Authentic Soul John ShinRevealing the Authentic Soul

I love people. I love finding their unique qualities and character traits. I’ve found it only takes a bit of curiosity and encouragement to find jewels within everyone I meet. The key is to show some genuine interest.

Not sure how to show genuine interest in other people or about the world around you? Act like a child and use your natural curiosity skills. We all have an inner-child within us. Get in touch with yours.

Offer a safe, confidential environment free of judgment when talking to others. You’d be surprised at what you can learn about people once trust and respect are established. This process is powerful because you both win. Your new acquaintance has an opportunity to reveal their authentic soul in a way they may not often do. People light-up when asked about themselves and love telling an interested listener what they think. Being a good listener makes you more memorable to others. You reinforce your authentic self too by finding what resonates with you by opening yourself up to what others have to offer. By flexing your curiosity muscle, you learn more about people and life too. Win!

Curiosity and Encouragement John ShinCuriosity and Encouragement

Finding out who we are is an ongoing process. Most people aren’t born knowing their true purpose in life. We evolve. We transform. Metamorphosis occurs, sometimes more than once. As children, we are naturally curious. Everything is fascinating and new. Over time, people can become jaded. They’ve been around the block a few times. They begin to feel as if they know something, or in some cases, everything! Their curiosity begins to fade along with their encouragement of others.

Being your authentic self requires ongoing discovery and encouragement. Remaining curious about people and the world around you are essential to staying young at heart and alive in spirit. By adopting the attitude that you can learn something new every day and from everyone you meet, you’ll be amazed at what you can learn. You’ll become more energized, and you will inspire people lucky enough to encounter you.

Be Honest with Yourself John ShinBe Honest with Yourself

You may already know who you are and what you want out of life. Whatever that is, don’t compare it to other people. Focus who you are and what you want, while remaining curious about the world and its many facets.

“What, why, and how” is a powerful, yet simple formula for identifying your authentic self. What gets you excited and puts a smile on your face? Why does this happen? How could I change the world or turn my passion into a long-term pursuit, business, or career? The key is to be honest with yourself. Some things may be hobbies while others tick all the boxes. Think it through. Be honest with yourself.

  • Act like a child. Use your natural curiosity skills to show a genuine interest in other people.
  • Learn something new every day. Share what you learn by teaching it to others.
  • What, why, and how. Ask yourself these open-ended questions to identify your authentic self.
  • Bonus tip. Use what, why, and how to get to know other people. For example, “What got you started in this field?” “Why does it make you so happy?” “How do you plan to use this moving forward?”

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    April 26, 2018 at 7:13 am

    Awesome. It’s really true. You can learn a lot from everyone you meet and talk to. Thank you so much for the inspirational and motivational talks. May God continue to let your light SHINE in ALL you do. GOD BLESS.

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