Think: The Legacy Of Think And Grow Rich

Since it was first published Think and Grow Rich has sold over 70 million copies worldwide.

It helped to end the Great Depression. Those who read it and put it into practice experienced boundless personal growth, amassed fortunes and achieved the desires of their dreams. These teachings will soon be available in a new motion picture currently in development.

A legendary meeting between Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie launches our cinematic journey of discovery. Propelled by his mission to empower the world, Hill accepts Carnegie’s call to action only to be stopped cold by a devastating blow.
Facing the greatest challenge of his life, Hill is unwavering — And he makes a promise to himself, his family and the world at large.

This is not just the story of one man who discovered the principles that took him from rags to riches. It is the story of one man who shared the secret with millions of others.

At a time when most Americans found themselves living in bone-achingly desperate poverty, one man discovered the secret of how to “Think and Grow Rich.” He became the voice of prosperity over poverty.

He made us believe that miracles could manifest in even our darkest hour. And for the first time those miracles are coming to the big screen in THINK AND GROW RICH the movie.

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