What’s Holding You Back? (Part Two)

Last week, we explored three major obstacles to getting ahead and living the life you design. Read What’s Holding You Back? (Part One) if you haven’t already. This week, we will continue with three more areas of your life where you can easily do less, so you can achieve more.

Overthinking John ShinOverthinking

Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about things that haven’t happened yet. Between worrying about goals, trying to get ahead, falling in love, falling out of love, dealing with our family, and assorted problems of the moment, we’re all carrying around immense worry-makers. But seriously, think about it. Most of the things we worry about are entirely out of our control, already over and done, or haven’t happened yet (if ever).

In the present moment, things are fine. At this moment you have everything you need. You’re capable. You’re alive. You’ve got this. Next time your worry-maker starts squawking, tell it to shut up. Focus on gratitude. Do whatever you have to do to get right back to the actual moment at hand and carry on. You’ll feel so much better.

Following the News John ShinFollowing the News

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating . . . stop watching the news! Are you constantly reading twitter or social media, scanning CNN updates, and talking to Joe in the next cubicle about the news of the day? Stop! Trust me, you’ll hear about significant news or events happening to people you know. Word will reach you.

Yes, there are children being abused, shady politicians, wars, shootings, floods, fires, or insert-disaster-here. Constantly monitoring them keeps you in a place of overthinking, worry, and stress. It’s easy to become overwhelmed which leads to bad feelings and operating on autopilot. So, stop. Manage your inputs and keep them positive. Pick your battles and follow your heart. Pursue select causes that empower you and others. Donate money or services, get involved in community outreach, and plan your giving efforts. Which leads me to planning.

Operating Without a Plan John ShinOperating Without a Plan

There is a lot to be said for wandering aimlessly, feeling carefree, and being in the moment. What makes these moments so special is knowing you have taken care of business first and can now do (or not do) whatever you wish without guilt or worry. The easiest way to achieve this blissful state is to create a simple plan to take care of your business and guide you toward your goals, dreams, and desires.

A plan is like having a roadmap or built-in GPS to take you where you want to go. Focus on the “what” and “why” and don’t worry so much about the “how”. The details of how you will accomplish things will come as needed when you need them. Don’t get bogged down in the details for now. The key is to do less operating without a guide. Pick your target and get moving.

Knowing what you want and why you want it is meaningful and empowering. Use your imagination to create crystal clear images and visualize them daily. Embrace the good feelings they create within you. Share these feelings with others close to you. The more you imagine and share your story, the easier it is to stay on track with your plan and avoid the things that are sapping your time and holding you back.

By doing less overthinking, less news, and operating with a plan, you will feel more relaxed and able to make the most of your extra time. Works like magic!

To Recap our Discussion:

  • When worry creeps in, focus on gratitude and get back to the moment at hand.
  • Turn off the news and limit your time on social media for one week. See how it feels.
  • Develop a plan for your life that focuses on the “what” and “why”.
  • Visualize the life you have designed for yourself and share your story.
  • Do less of the three things above (and three from last week), and you will enjoy life more.


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